Welcome to the Olympic Coven

Forks, Washington

Roleplayer Resources

  • All Official Olympic Coven Roleplaying Game characters should
    brand their icon with the official logo. You can easily apply it to
    your Twitter icon by clicking here.
    Followers can wear the logo to show their support of our game if
    they choose.
  • Characters must post at least once a week. If you stop
    playing your character, you will be removed from the group and the
    role may or may not be reopened to another player. There are
    exceptions to this rule; if you have posted on the calendar that
    you will be absent for one reason or another, or if you have
    contacted an
    admin (through theolympiccoven@gmail.com),
    you will be exempt. Now, we know emergencies happen. If the
    unexpected occurs and we don’t hear from you or your character and
    you are removed from the group, you will have the opportunity to
    make your case and explain what happened. Characters will be held
    for two weeks after they are removed before we consider whether or
    not to reopen them to other roleplayers.
  • Characters can create additional, temporary characters for the
    purpose of furthering their plots. You must contact the admin team
    (through theolympiccoven@gmail.com)
    so that you can be added to the Temporary Character List. There is
    a three week grace period on all temporary characters. Three weeks
    be enough time to push a plot through. If you need more time, talk
    to an admin for an extension.
  • Puppetmasters must designate a rating for their characters.
    These ratings will be posted on the Character Ratings and
    Information page. Characters can range from G to NC-17. Want a fun
    icon to put on your character bio or page somewhere? Here you

G –
Rating :
This rating simply means that the character
is nothing that parents would find offensive for children. G-rated
characters may used mild language (words like stupid, idiot, heck,
darn) and violence but no nudity, sex or drug use.

PG –
PG characters may use some limited profanity;
violence may be depicted a bit more graphically; brief nudity may
be present.

– Rating:
Longer instances of nudity and violence are
permissible within the PG-13 rating as are uses of sexual
expletives (such as the F-word) so long as they are used as
expletives and not in a sexual context. More than one instance of
this sort of language or using such terms in a sexual context will
generally result in an R-rating (or NC-17.)

R –
R-rated characters may contain adult themes and
activities, strong language, sexually-oriented nudity, drug use and
extended violence.

These characters are not suitable for children’s
viewing. An NC-17 rating doesn’t imply pornography, just simply
that the character contains content appropriate only for


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