Welcome to the Olympic Coven

Forks, Washington

The House Rules

By joining this group, you agree to abide by these rules.
If you have any questions, please contact theolympiccoven@gmail.com

* We are an exclusive roleplaying game. The account that you use to roleplay with the Olympic Coven RPG cannot be used to roleplay with characters outside the group.

We respect the fact that there are other roleplaying games out there. Some of them are quite good, and hey, we follow them, too. However, we are an exclusive group; if you apply and are accepted into our group, the account you applied with is to be used exclusively for roleplaying with the Olympic Coven Roleplaying Game. You can join all the roleplaying games that you want – just please create a new account to play with them and reserve one for OCRPG.

* You are expected to treat your fellow roleplayers, admins, moderators, followers and other coven members with respect. There will be no hateful comments, swearing, namecalling, threats, etc. This
includes using your personal Twitter accounts to bash roleplayers, admins, and followers. If you violate this rule, you will be BANNED without notification.

We have absolutely zero tolerance for hatred or namecalling, unless of course, you’re in character calling out another character. We have no problems with disagreements arising; it’s natural. However, there are tactful ways to express yourself. Please use them, and use your block button if need be.

A necessary addition to this rule is in regards to other roleplaying games out there. We have several who repeatedly try to instigate battles with us, steal content from us, and harass our members and players. They’re looking for a battle, please don’t give them one. While we can’t control what you do outside of the game, we’re asking for people in our group to please take the high road and not take the bait.

* If you have concerns about a group, member or follower, contact one of the Admins; that’s what they’re there for. You can find all of their information on the main page.

* While we always accept applications, we are not currently admitting new non-canon characters into the game.

Auditions are posted in the Casting Call Forum when they are open. Occasionally, someone in the group will stumble on a non-canon character out there that they think would just be amazing. In these special circumstances, an invitation may be extended to add an additional character, however these invites are rare.

* We expect characters to stay true to their character limitations.

Whether you are a human, vampire or shapeshifter, there are certain rules and definitions for your existance. It’s not likely you’ll find a vampire eating human food, a human who knows about the vampires, or a shapeshifter sitting down for high tea with a vampire in the heart of La Push. If you’re in the Olympic Coven or a Quileute Shapeshifter, there is a treaty between your groups. It would serve you well to read the treaty. If you’re a member of the Volturi, there is a Volturian Rulebook you should read as well. Both are posted to the site for your review.

* Respect the content, characters and storylines of all members of the Olympic Coven RPG.

People have worked very hard on everything that you see here. The admins have spent hours working on the treaties, rules, games, and all of the content you’ll see on this site. Our members have spent hours working on their characters, pages, and have dedicated themselves to character development and plotlines. Please respect them. Please do not steal anything, (or “borrow”, “copy”, “be-inspired-by” or whatever cutesy term can be applied to theft).

* Each member of admin team has the right to make executive decisions regarding this roleplaying game. The admins are currently Arina, Gillian, and Kitten.

In general, two warnings will be given for violations of the rules before any final action is taken. We understand that everyone makes mistakes and forgets certain elements of the plot. Accidents happen, we’re all human (and vampire, and shapeshifter). However, we figure that by the third time, you’re probably not making an honest mistake any longer, and likely shouldn’t continue as a member of the group.

There are certain situations where a member may be asked to leave immediately without warning. These are cases of extreme disregard for the rest of the members of the game; hateful or hurtful actions, theft, threats etc. Before a member is removed from the group, all admins will meet and must agree to the decision.


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